Sectra buys IT services company RxEye

Sectra buys IT services company RxEye

January 18, 2016

On January 4th, 2015 Sectra Medical Systems enounced the acquisition of RxEye AB – a Swedish cloud-based IT company serving 2,000 in Sweden, Norway, and France. RxEye has six employees and sold approximately $823 000 USD last year.

“RxEye is a small company with products that complement our offering of IT services, which can enhance the efficiency of communication and use of resources in medical care,” Torbjörn Kronander, president and CEO of Sectra, as noted in the statement.

RxEye’s Cloud service is a secure network and platform for radiologists, pathologists, oncologists to view radiology and pathology images remotely. What is more, it also allows them to collaborate virtually in real time. 

Remote viewing of medical images is a growing area due to efficiency requirements and staff shortages, says Kronander.