MRI Scanners

Offering every essential service and beyond: from selection and site planning to post-warranty service maintenance and cryogenic system replacement. 

Additional Services

  • Inspection anyplace. Knowing what you are getting is crucial. We are ready to inspect any system in any place in the world, so that you could be confident in the system itself and that you made the right choice.
  • Service maintenance of your system. In most cases, we are also ready to provide service maintenance to equipment shipped by other companies.
  • Helium refill. Aided by our partners, we can refill magnets that use helium for operation.
  • Cryogenic system replacement. We carry out planned and emergency replacement of various cryogenic systems, including adsorber and cooling head, new or refurbished.  
  • Spare parts shipping and replacement. We can ship and replace almost any part in your scanner quickly. We always have spare parts available at our warehouse or partner warehouse. The replacement is performed by our experienced engineers.