About Us

RadioMed is a dedicated team of professionals that provides hospitals all over the world with best imaging equipment from General Electric, Philips, Siemens, Samsung Medison and other renowned companies. We are also particularly skillful and experienced in maintenance and a wide array of adjacent services your equipment and business require for continuous operation.

All of this is at the core of our vision. Years ago we had decided to focus solely on imaging equipment market and become experts in the field. What is the reason?

It gives our clients and us the confidence that your business is working seamlessly. Most of existing medical equipment is deeply complex. The smallest problem or malfunction might cripple your business or bring it to a standstill for a month, disrupting the annual plan. In order to avoid that, engineers should know every trick in the book for particular type of equipment. So we decided to narrow the focus and be experts exclusively in the field of imagining systems. Each of our engineers specializes in particular brand alone. As a result, you are confident your business is working smoothly. And that gives us our confidence.

American healthcare is one of the best out there, and the trend for a healthy lifestyle continues to grow stronger in the US, spreading all over the world. And Radiomed, from the very beginning, adhered to that trend. It is inherent to our vision. Because we really believe that good health is the cornerstone of every individual’s life.